The challange

Executive Summary:

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the Eduloco website and app user experience, with a focus on the visual design, accessibility, user interface, and overall user experience. Our evaluation is based on a comparison with a competitor, Edvoy, and identifies areas of improvement for the Eduloco platform. Key recommendations include simplifying the color scheme, improving consistency, enhancing responsiveness, and incorporating gamification elements.

  1. Visual Design:

1.1 Logo and Color Scheme:

The current logo and color palette used for the Eduloco website are adequate and efficient for its purpose. However, a more simplified version of the color scheme is recommended for the app, similar to the competitor Edvoy, which utilizes a clean and clear art direction with a limited palette of white, black, and a variation of red and purple.

  1. Accessibility:

2.1 Inconsistent Color Schemes:

Although Eduloco's color scheme is generally sufficient in terms of accessibility, inconsistencies in the use of colors across different elements and pages create an unprofessional or unfinished appearance. To improve the overall look, it is advised to maintain a consistent color scheme throughout the platform.

  1. User Interface (UI) Assessment:

3.1 Oversized Popups and Dropdowns:

Issues with oversized popups and dropdown menus negatively impact the user experience. These elements should be redesigned to open properly from designated points, and the content should be streamlined to allow users to autofill input rather than scrolling for extended periods.

3.2 Inconsistent Design:

The design of various pages, such as profile and university pages, differs significantly and could lead to user confusion. To enhance the user experience, consistent design patterns should be employed throughout the platform.

3.3 Component Spacing and Standardization:

Improper spacing between components can lead to overlaps or wasted space. Additionally, interactive components should have a standardized design to prevent users from missing important interactions.

3.4 Dropdown Menu Overuse:

Many forms and fields rely on dropdown menus or popups with excessive information, making it difficult for users to navigate. Simplifying these elements will greatly enhance the user experience.

  1. Responsiveness and User Experience (UX) Assessment:

4.1 Inconsistent Design Patterns and CTAs:

Unclear or inconsistent design patterns can lead to confusion and mistrust of the app. To improve UX, more consistent design patterns and clear call-to-action (CTA) elements should be implemented.

4.2 Lack of Gamification and Progress Bars:

Incorporating gamification elements and progress bars in the app will increase user engagement and simplify the process of completing lengthy forms.

  • Deep UX Analysis
  • Outline of flaws
  • Plan of action

To enhance the overall user experience of the Eduloco platform, we recommend simplifying the color scheme, improving design consistency, optimizing component spacing and standardization, and incorporating gamification elements. Implementing these changes will create a more professional, user-friendly, and engaging platform for users.