Hello and Welcome!

Here is a little bit about me đŸ˜Š

Hello! I am Ardy,  a Senior Product Designer and part time Comedian with 7 years of experience in tech industry. I have worked a wide range of products such as :

- Fintech applications, (Crypto and Fiat)
- E-Commerce Applications
- E-Commerce Websites
- System Dashborads
- Landing Pages
- Fitness Apps

Through my multimedia background and invaluable work experience, I have gained significant knowledge of Figma and UX research and User testing, which I look forward to share with you. Currently teaching UX on UDEMY 👋 with over 4200 Students and researching on the psychological and mechanical ways to improve Social experiences in Virtual Reality.

I also have hobbies of Photography, and sampling Italian Pizzas EVERYWHERE đŸ•. 


📮 Contact

I'm available for projects, consultation as well as potential employment opportunities. Use the form to inquire about rates and availability, or just to say hi :)


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