Wallet Codes Admin Panel UI

WC Admin Panel Design Process

For an intricate project such as this, where you are to design a product that is far more technical in nature and far more specific in terms of features (Sales, Customer management functions, Product management functions) the approach had to be far more cautious. the process designed to ensure success for this product is as follows:

  • Lead Developer and Product Owner List out the set of features and the functions they serve and require. 
  • I recommended weekly sprints, rather than 2 week sprints to be conducted on each feature 
  • First week, a feature was the focus of the design and were presented to Developers, Product owners and more importantly the Users who will be operating the admin panel. 
  • The design and the information showcased in each page would be thoroughly discussed and needed amendments were documented for second-week sprint where the design is going to be finalized. 
  • Upon finalization the design of each feature, the design is uploaded to zeplin.

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