Information Hierarchy
+ Overly messy landing page.
The green box is what is seen at
- My eye traveled through on screen elements in accord to the numbers shown from 1 to 4

+ Best to clean up the cover image
possibly choose a less crowded

like only Pub G or Mario Overlap
the title on the image.

Though P points are an essentialpart of this business, it has to wait.

Show what the user wants to buy first before you introduce a concept that appears further on.

The copy can be read as:
- Get your game gift card with no expiration date!
-The Why wallet codes elements can be incorporated in the copy 

Language Icon

+ Least standard language change Icon
+ Not visible enough to understand it
+ Inconsistent design choice.
- It is the only clickable icon on the entire screen.
- It is placed on a Crucial Spotof the screen, where more importanticon such as a BASKET can be placed.
The Basket icon can later be used to address the issue of:  “User can only purchase 1 product at a time”


Codashop and Walletcodes

What Codashop does better is that It has all the things the user is looking foris fitted in the same page.

While the Wallet codes take you to different pages with each click.
It will be best to organize all with a slightly more modern design, and keep the user on the Home page, only if the
user decides to purchase, to take them  to purchase page.

Aaaaaaaaaam Grid structure?

Lack of proper grid strucutre can  effect the user’s attention level  BIG TIME.

The thumbnail sizes are odd...easier ways to attract attention to particular objects


Why should i share my info with you over online tokens? What will they do for me? really? 

Here user psychology kicks in. We need to make them value it. REALLY VALUE IT. The best example for this is the in-game currency of a game called EVE ONLINE. It is called ISK, and you can convert it to actual Dollars... why?


ISK is the ingame currecy of this game and it can actually be converted to USD and P points need to follow the same  example. 

Letting the user attatch a real value  rather than mere POINTS to the online tokens, increases the chances of them using them 

A quick video with a quick sketch of a Solution

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Using Format