The challange

See how I built a new dashboard interface

The Wallet Codes Admin Panel UI project presented several unique challenges that required careful planning and execution to ensure success. The complexity of the project and the need to incorporate various functionalities called for a meticulous and iterative approach. Here is an overview of the challenges faced during the initial stages of the project:

  1. Understanding Technical Aspects: The highly technical project demanded a deep grasp of sales, customer management, and product management functions, requiring research and collaboration with the lead developer and product owner.
  2. Balancing Usability and Complexity: Creating a user-friendly admin panel with complex features required striking a delicate balance between ease of use and functionality.
  3. Rapid Iteration and Collaboration: Weekly sprints were chosen over bi-weekly sprints to facilitate faster iterations and adjustments, necessitating efficient teamwork and communication.
  4. User-Centric Design: Involving users in the design process was essential, requiring the collection of user feedback and its integration into the design for an intuitive experience.
  5. Seamless Handoff to Developers: The critical task of smoothly transitioning from design to development was achieved using Zeplin.

These challenges were addressed through a structured, agile approach, resulting in an effective and user-friendly admin panel.

  • UI Design
  • Testing & UX

Using leading UX to align design and users.

Through continuous communication with lead managers, salespeople, and developers, I delivered a user-friendly solution that effectively avoided potential pitfalls in this complex project.

In conclusion, the outcome of the Wallet Codes Admin Panel UI project has been a resounding success. By carefully considering the unique challenges and intricacies of designing an admin panel dashboard for a game credit website, I have developed an interface that effectively combines usability and functionality. The user-centric design, coupled with the agile process of rapid iteration and collaboration, has ensured that the end product meets the needs of both the administrators and the users. This user-friendly and feature-rich admin panel dashboard will undoubtedly contribute to the seamless management of game credits, enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering the growth of the platform.