The challange

Adobe Photoshop's complex design panels can be intimidating and challenging for beginners and non-tech-savvy users. This often results in a slow learning process and preference for alternative software like Adobe Lightroom. A survey conducted within a Southeast Asian photography hobbyist Facebook group revealed that users favored Lightroom due to its cleaner design, ease of use, and quicker navigation.


The goal is to redesign Adobe Photoshop's tool panel to make it more user-friendly and efficient for beginners and hobbyists, taking inspiration from Autodesk Maya.

Inspiration: Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya, a 3D design software, features an intuitive dashboard that places crucial tools around the mouse pointer. The right-click menu appears and disappears on command, enabling users to focus on their work. The software also utilizes icons and descriptions to identify each tool, streamlining the design process.


Applying the principles from Autodesk Maya, the redesigned Photoshop tool panel will prioritize the most frequently used tools in the menu, with customization options available for users to adapt the toolset to their needs. The design will resemble a game-like interface, allowing users to select tools and their variations with ease. This redesign aims to increase efficiency and accessibility for beginners, encouraging more users to adopt Photoshop as their primary editing software.