The challange

Android to Web: Eduloco's Seamless UI/UX Transformation

The Eduloco project presented a unique opportunity to flex my UI/UX design skills, as the client navigated numerous changes within the Antler Startup Accelerator Program. Initially launched without a cohesive art direction or unique selling proposition (USP) on Android, the challenge lay in designing a versatile and adaptive product as its objectives and nature evolved.

The original android application targeted users aged 20 and above from Middle Eastern and African backgrounds, seeking educational opportunities abroad. The client's initial design is presented below:


As a seasoned UI/UX Designer, my focus was on enhancing the application's user experience, refining its aesthetics, and optimizing the overall design for search engine visibility. The end result is a revitalized Eduloco web application that caters to its evolving target audience while providing a seamless, engaging experience for users.