HelloGold is a mobile application where you can buy gold in Malaysia for as low as RM1. You can track live gold spot prices, and buy and sell physical gold instantly from your phone.

The application had gained a good momentum thanks to the rise of popularity of cryptocurrencies and the company attatched to the application developed the first ever sharia law backed Crypto.

Though the application offered a promising service to the users and had a good start in download numbers, it had issues with hitting its mark , which is to get people to invest in gold.

We decided to conduct a Design Sprint to pinponit the possible problems and get results as fast as we can.


One of the first problems the application faced was that a considerable amount of users would sign out of the application, LONG BEFORE finishing the sign up process.

The reason being was that in addition to email and password, you were asked to submit a copy of your PASSPORT or IC to finish the sign up process.

Let me add that this was at the peak of the great scandal of CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA, so people were a little on the edge with sharing their personal information. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Some of the issues facing here was due to the fact that the application was designed first by a third party company and was not tested well to see if it achieves its purpose or not. Now its launched and now we have to make up as we go.

Intial Sign Up Process

basic sign up questions till the last step
Enter the App
Scan and submit your passport
Enter Dashboard


The solution i proposed was to get the users in the app and let them interact.

Enter the App

Standard Sign up Process

Enter the Dashboard

Allow user to play around the app
Allow the user to navigate
View the market prices
View The price
i — Once the user decided to take action. the action being to Purchase Gold
X — Ask them to submit their IC or Password

The result here will be that the user now has a motive to do what you ask them to do. They have seen he prices, they have got a sense of the app, now they are far more likely to privde sensitive information.

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