🕹️ Research and Interviews in Video games

Eve Online Players Self Determination and Social Identity Scale

Study conducted to measure player's self determination and Social Identity Scale based on Surveys: 

  • UPEQ: ubisoft perceived experience questionnaire
  • Social Identity Measure

The results goes through an SPSS Factor Analysis and their MEAN were measured.


Eve Online Research

Survey on 250 Players Level of

  • Self Esteem
  • Bridging and Bonding
  • Loneliness 
  • Experience with Loss

Based on UCLA designed scales. 


A study on how the players of the MMORPG form their Social Identity in the game and have meaningful Friendships. 

The study methods follow 

+ Qualitative interviews with Players

+ Qualitative interviews with  Lead designers and Directors

+ Quantitative Survey on 350 active players

Archive of Interviews with Designers and Directors from

CCP, Spryfox, Riot Games


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